Feedback and Comments from professionals and local organisations about our work

Healthwatch Sheffield has developed a strong positive working relationship with Citizens Advice Sheffield and other partners in the Sheffield Advocacy Hub; our team hears regularly from advocates about policy issues that are impacting their clients. This helps inform the issues we are raising at a local, regional and national level; working together in this way helps us both speak up for health and care services which work for individuals and communities in Sheffield.

Lucy Davies, CEO, Healthwatch Sheffield

I have always found the advocacy service very accommodating and especially when we need an advocate at relatively short notice. I have always found the advocates to be professional and support the clients well. They have good understanding of our processes which help to enable a more positive experience for our clients. Thank you for your continued great service.

Claire Needham, Senior Nurse, Sheffield Integrated Care Board

I attended the session provided by the Advocacy Service and found the presentation to be professional and well thought out. It was extremely informative about the role of the IMHA and will help me in my role to ensure that patients are fully aware of their rights.

Lesley Faithful, Associate Mental Health Act Manager

I have referred into the advocacy hub on many occasions to access advocacy for my clients. Many of my clients are vulnerable and have experienced significant trauma. I have found the advocates to be professional and caring. I have worked collaboratively with many of the advocates, and this has resulted in good outcomes for the clients.

Susan Hodgson, Support and Rehabilitation Coordinator, Irwin Mitchell LLP

I have always found the advocacy service reliable, professional, responsive, extremely knowledgeable and supportive ensuring the persons voice/wishes are heard during and after a full care act assessment to determine the best outcome regards care provision, future accommodation and finances/property as required. The service is an integral part of my role in social care as determined in the care act 2014 for a well balanced person centred approach when someone needs help either at home or in a residential setting, if a person does or doesn’t have mental capacity to make specific decisions for themselves. I have always been able to depend on the advocate to support the person in a professional and independent capacity, I always receive a timely response via phone call and or face to face to any referrals made and a copy of the report to add to the persons electronic file to ensure others are fully aware of the persons views/wishes, thank you…

I would like to share from my colleagues during our team meeting our wholehearted appreciation for the support of the advocacy support service to complete our care act assessments/attend multi agency support meetings etc for the Somewhere Else to Assess (S2A) pathway from hospital. I look forward to continuing to work alongside you all as we have for almost 5 years whilst I have been in post. I wish you all the very best for the future. Keep up the fab work.

Yvonne Higgins, Social Care Practitioner, Somewhere Else to Assess (S2A) Team, Sheffield City Council