Report on the Mental Health Advocacy consultation

We told you last autumn we were carrying out a consultation with people who use our mental health advocacy service.  Well, we did that and we’ve now collated the results.

Here is a document which tells you all about the consultation, gathers together what you told us, and sets out what we intend to do next.  There will be changes to our mental health advocacy service between now and April 2018.  We hope that this will make a positive difference and ensure that a lot more people get our help when its needed.

Mental Health Advocacy – consultation with users of our service

Citizens Advice Sheffield has been providing mental health advocacy since 2002.  We now provide this as part of the services we offer under Sheffield Advocacy Hub.

We are proposing some changes to the way we offer this service – please click here to be redirected to the Citizens Advice Sheffield website, where we have more information available.