Advocacy practice under the Care Act

Along with advocacy providers across the country, we have been providing independent advocacy under the Care Act since it was implemented in 2015.  Although the advocacy support we are providing is not new, the statutory framework and the particular relationships with individual professionals and public bodies such as the local authority are quite different.  We have worked to support our clients to understand information, express their views, take decisions and where necessary challenge decisions taken about their social care.

Any new form of advocacy inevitably requires new approaches, and introduces new challenges.  We felt the time was right to look more closely at how this is developing here in Sheffield.  Although some of the details are specific to the city, much of what we have found will be equally applicable for other services in other cities.  We are publishing this report to stimulate debate, promote constructive relationships with all involved, and to support the emergence of best practice in this area.

We welcome your views, comments and the sharing of experiences.  You can get in touch by emailing us here.

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Sheffield Advocacy Hub – Advocacy practice under the Care Act