Sheffield NHS Complaints Advocacy

Do you have a complaint about a NHS service?  Do you live in Sheffield?

We can provide information on the complaints process, and if necessary, support you to make your complaint.

Our support is free, confidential and independent of the NHS.

Your right to complain about the NHS

You have the right to make a complaint about any aspect of NHS care, treatment or service, and this is firmly written into the NHS Constitution.
We can provide information about how you can do this yourself—we will provide you with a self help information pack as part of our support. We tailor the support we offer to meet individual needs in each case.
When necessary we can support you through the process which might include help with understanding the process and what you might realistically achieve, writing letters, preparing for meetings, following up responses, or simply talking through your options to help you make a decision.
For support with a complaint about the NHS, you can contact us directly, or ask someone to get in touch on your behalf. You may be making a complaint about your own care or treatment, or about someone else’s care or treatment (usually with their explicit consent).

When can I get an advocate?

An NHS complaint might include something that happened during care or treatment provided by any NHS service anywhere in the UK:
• a hospital and any staff working within the hospital
• your doctor/General Practitioner (GP), dentist, optician or community staff such as District Nurses
• a pharmacist
• an NHS funded care home
• specialist services
• a paramedic or ambulance staff member
• other NHS staff or clinicians.
If you’re not sure, visit our website or give us a ring.

Please note – we can only help you, if you live in Sheffield.

If you don’t live in Sheffield, there is a service in your area that can help.  Check with your local authority to find out more.