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2022-23 Impact Report

We’ve published our annual report on the impact of our Advocacy services.

We had 1,861 referrals, which was an increase of over 14% on the year before.

What that doesn’t tell you of course, is that at any one time Hub advocates are working on around 1500 separate cases.

You can read the full report here.

Advocacy practice under the Care Act

Along with advocacy providers across the country, we have been providing independent advocacy under the Care Act since it was implemented in 2015.  Although the advocacy support we are providing is not new, the statutory framework and the particular relationships with individual professionals and public bodies such as the local authority are quite different.  We have worked to support our clients to understand information, express their views, take decisions and where necessary challenge decisions taken about their social care.

How we have helped people 2018-19

We are proud to present our Annual Review of our Independent Advocacy Services for 2018-19.  We are using a new format this year which we hope will mean the key information about our service is straightforward to understand.

The report also includes full information about what we do – on page 3 for example, you can click on the small triangle to the left of the heading to expand the content.

Annual Report 2017-18

We are proud to present Citizens Advice Sheffield’s Annual Review of our Independent Advocacy Services for 2017-18.  This annual report includes the first year of operation of the Advocacy Hub and we  hope you find it gives a useful overview of the services we have provided this year.

As well as an outline of each type of advocacy we provide, it also includes two stories of people who have used our service, and how we have helped them speak up about what they want, and obtain the services they need.  It includes figures to show how many people we have helped, and it also outlines some of our important campaigning work carried out through the year.

Report on the Mental Health Advocacy consultation

We told you last autumn we were carrying out a consultation with people who use our mental health advocacy service.  Well, we did that and we’ve now collated the results.

Here is a document which tells you all about the consultation, gathers together what you told us, and sets out what we intend to do next.  There will be changes to our mental health advocacy service between now and April 2018.  We hope that this will make a positive difference and ensure that a lot more people get our help when its needed.